Inspired by others in the Drupal community? Nominate and interview the people improving Drupal for the Community Spotlight.

Nominate someone for the Community Spotlight

Inspired by others in the Drupal community? Nominate and interview the people improving Drupal for the Community Spotlight.

A Community Spotlight can be focused on an individual, a team (e.g. a Drupalcon team or the D7UX team), or any project that extends Drupal (e.g. a module, theme, installation profile etc).

To nominate:

1. Create a complete Community Spotlight in a new forum topic
2. Include
* Full Names for each contributor
* d.o./IRC nicks for each contributor
* At least one image: photo, screenshot, illustration (exact instructions coming soon)

3. Feel free to get creative, while remaining relevant to the Drupal community, but here are some suggestions:
Example questions for individuals:
* How did you get involved with Drupal?
* Do you have any advice to anyone just starting with Drupal?
* Can you explain some of the benefits of getting involved with the community and what you get out of it?

Example questions for teams:
* What are/were your primary challenges?
* What advice would you give if you could do it over again?
* Show us the best examples of your work

4. Be sure to link to some examples of their work, include testimonials, project's usage stats etc.

Non Profit organisation looking for a developer to develop website

Hi not sure if there is anyone here that can help, we are currently a organisation that helps the Disabled and carers on Facebook, we have been running for a year and with the number of campaigns we have run our membership is growing fast, We have also worked with other organisations such as DPAC , ATOS Miricals, Fight Back Solicitors and more.

Community Spotlight: Lee Rowlands (larowlan)

Lee RowlandsSince joining in 2007, Lee Rowlands (larowlan) has been an important contributor to the Drupal project. A major core contributor and Drupal 8 advocate, Rowlands has become a well-recognized and celebrated member of the Drupal community.

Rowlands is an important Drupal figure in Australia, and has spoken at DrupalCamp Brisbane 2010, Drupal Downunder Melbourne 2012, DrupalCon Sydney 2013 and Drupal South Wellington 2014. An occasional mentor during Drupal Office Hours in the Australian timezone (GMT+10), Rowlands is also a well-recognized figure in the international Drupal community for his involvement with core and his contributions to a huge variety of projects on

How did you get involved with Drupal?

Jim Morrison and a naked native american came to me in a dream and told me it was my destiny. Just kidding. I started up my own IT consulting business and I'd built a couple of Drupal 5 sites.

Community Spotlight: Scott Reynen

Scott Reynen has done some fun things in the Drupal community. Some notable examples:

  • Coordinated many meetups in Denver ensuring they happen, with interesting topics, and tasty pizza options
  • Helped to organize several Drupalcamps in Colorado (which will be June 29th/30 in 2013)
  • Presents on various topics at Drupalcamps
  • Helps as one of the 3 site maintainers for
  • Is an active Project Application queue reviewer heavily interested in new-contributor-onboarding and project quality
  • Takes care of abandoned projects and ownership requests in the Webmasters queue
  • And does a pretty darn good job as the maintainer for modules like @font-your-face.

How did you get involved with Drupal?

About 4 years ago, I took a job as a developer with Aten Design Group, where we do mostly Drupal projects. At the time, I was pretty skeptical of content management systems, after frustrating experiences with both WordPress and Joomla. But I quickly grew to appreciate Drupal’s modular architecture.

What do you do with Drupal these days?

I nominate.... Dmitri Gaskin! and of course.. The Drupal Song!

So.. ive been off making websites for sometime.. mebbe 15 yrs or so due to family commitments etc.. and the highest ever skill's I had was with phpnuke and a big contributer at the time to nukecops with my baby which inevetibly was hacked over and over because I was no good at protectin my lil self against mysql injections.. so alas I became deflated and sacked the whole thing and started to focus more on my proper job with the local council.. hmm.. Im still there too :)

Im now 40 yrs of age and was inspired recently by my 5yr old son whilst me and him stood in the queue at the local shop.. who whilst telling me about a dream he had the night before..

Daniel: Daddy... I had a dream last night..
me: Did you Dan? what was it about?
Daniel: Well.. it was more like a nightmare.. It had aliens in it!
me: Oh ek.. well.. what colour were these aliens Daniel?

to which Daniels face changed into that look of "you nutter"... "Daddy.. all aliens are green.. why did you even ask?"

at which point me and the shopkeeper simply looked at each other in bemusement :D

but I thought a couple of minutes after his story.. what a name for a website!

and so was born..

Community Spotlight: Moshe Weitzman

Only local images are allowed.Contact Moshe. He lives in Boston, MA USA.


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