Field Group Structure Service

This module is an odd-duck we needed for a specific use-case where we were managing the interface for a very large custom entity with a JS based front-end.

We wanted to support the visual field grouping offered in and manage fields UI of a custom entity. We needed this group context conveyed to our front-end JS library which would use the field grouping information to group our fields for display (we happened to be using Angular JS).

Turn orig image

Turn original image

A widget for image file fields to turn (rotate) uploaded images by fixed angles. All image derivates (thumbnail, medium, large...) will then get created from the turned image. The uploaded image (not rotated) is kept back to reset it later, if you want to.

Drupal image styles are cool, but there are situations when they are not the appropriate way.


This module allows users to login to the site using a LDAP credentials (MS Active directory). If the user is associated with a Drupal user, that user is logged in. If not, a new drupal user is created.

Bootstap: GDS Design Principle

Bootstrap: GDS Design principle is a based on the Bootstrap framework for drupal.

The base theme has been modified to adhere to the design principles outlined by the UK Goverment Design Service.

The GDS was tasked with consolidating 152 Goverment transactional services sites into one standardised platform which would be used by a wide range of users of age and computer literacy.

Drupal Property Manager

Drupal Property Manager was created by James Kirkby as a web development project for final year dissertation


Increasingly business are turning to software and online services to replace their traditional business processes. Property management software continues to grow in popularity and importance. As it decreases in price, smaller companies and individual property managers are able to function using the same industry standards and efficiency as their larger competitors.


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