Bootstap: GDS Design Principle

Bootstrap: GDS Design principle is a based on the Bootstrap framework for drupal.

The base theme has been modified to adhere to the design principles outlined by the UK Goverment Design Service.

The GDS was tasked with consolidating 152 Goverment transactional services sites into one standardised platform which would be used by a wide range of users of age and computer literacy.

Drupal Property Manager

Drupal Property Manager was created by James Kirkby as a web development project for final year dissertation


Increasingly business are turning to software and online services to replace their traditional business processes. Property management software continues to grow in popularity and importance. As it decreases in price, smaller companies and individual property managers are able to function using the same industry standards and efficiency as their larger competitors.

Views Pager Count


Provides an area handler that displays a form allowing the user to specify the number of items to be displayed per each view page (using either textfield or select form element), allowing to override default view's configuration.

The value is stored in user cookie, until Reset button is used, which causes cookie to be deleted.


In view's header or footer area add Global: View pager count form and configure as required.


User protect D8

Port of the User protect module to Drupal 8. Currently based on Drupal 8.0-alpha10.

See #2181393: User protect: Drupal 8 port.

Restaurant Octal

The responsive installation theme for the Restaurant Distribution, based on Octal.



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