Views Pager Count


Provides an area handler that displays a form allowing the user to specify the number of items to be displayed per each view page (using either textfield or select form element), allowing to override default view's configuration.

The value is stored in user cookie, until Reset button is used, which causes cookie to be deleted.


In view's header or footer area add Global: View pager count form and configure as required.


User protect D8

Port of the User protect module to Drupal 8. Currently based on Drupal 8.0-alpha10.

See #2181393: User protect: Drupal 8 port.

Restaurant Octal

The responsive installation theme for the Restaurant Distribution, based on Octal.


Block Visibility by Vocabulary

Block Visibility by Vocabulary extends the block visibility interface in Drupal 7 and allows the user to control block visibility based on the taxonomy vocabulary the current term page has. For each block, vocabularies can be selected. If the displayed term is ien one the the selected vocabularies, the block will be visible; if not, it will be hidden.

This module is inspired by block_term.

Service State

Test and display the status off upstream services.

Redirect Hostname


This Redirect Hostname module is based on the popular redirect module. It allows for redirects based on source hostname, not just source path.

Examples: => =>


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