Views dynamic handlers

Make pre-configured exposed Views handlers dynamic. So that filters, fields & sorts can be turned into an analytics tool for end users.

Feature outline

  • Site builder UI to configure available filter, field & sort options
  • End-user widget for adding those dynamically to the view

Field get value

This module is useful for developer who want to get easily the value of one or several fields.
Just need to call field_get_value() function.

Metatag Overheid NL


Provides additional metadata terms for the Metatag module specified by the Dutch government (Nederlandse overheid) in the OWMS 4.0 Metadata Standard. The OWMS ( Web Metadata Standaard) is based on the Dublin Core Metadata Institute.


What is The DataTank?


Property Entity

This project aims to create a reusable property entity, design for use on property websites. It offers a number of useful features including photo gallery, mapped location, and has a roadmap for further features (As submodules)


D7 module for integration between Drupal and Quickbooks API.

Module development sponsored by LightSky


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