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STICKY: Theme development forum guidelines

The theme development forum was created to aid those who are developing themes for Drupal. This forum is not for issues you may be having with contrib themes. Issues with contrib themes should be placed in the issue queue of the theme in question. Please respect this.

If you you have drupal installed already and are seeking a theme, have a question about a specific theme and what it does or if it will fit your use case, please place your questions in the Post installation forum.

Media queries

My media queries are only working in Firefox. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

views SEO issues

I have a view whose results are about 20 pages with pager. URLs are like xyz?page=1. Now, I want to implement different meta description for each page so that xyz?page=1 and xyz?page=2 have different meta descriptions.
I have Metatag module installed in my installation.

Rewriting checked list term to image with views


I got a very simple question but i cant find a simple answer.

I have created a field that shows the admin of the site a list with checkboxes (based on a vocabulary ) inside an content type.
All i need is to show an image to the visitors instead of the checked article via "views".

Any suggestion to start? Any tutorial?

Can't see various blocks

I just started using drupal, I have created a new content type that has a few test articles within it, but it will not appear. Same with the login form. I am not sure what is going on, can anyone help?

Edit || Figured it out. I forgot to display the content. Noob mistake happens with noobs.

Bootstrap tour not working with bootstrap 3 theme?


I'm fairly new to Drupal, so don't shoot me for not seeing the obvious.
I tried to use the Omega 4 theme, as I need control over the theme through css. The Bootstrap tour module didn't worked for me with this theme (I tried all solutions I could found, and in browser inspect mode, everything is correct). So I tried the Bootstrap 3 theme for Drupal. But it is also not working. Which things can be wrong? I cleared all caches, and the modules/themes seem to be configured correctly.

thx in advance.


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