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Database for each user

Hello Friends,

I need to implement website for corporate. So whenever new corporate admin registered that time need to create new database for them. So how i can handle this with one drupal installation. Can anybody please help me

Thanks in Advance.

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table

Am getting well with drupal but not good with databases. I mysql, I got this error after installing the following modules ejectorseat, session limit, node expire, autoespire, bean booking time slot

Please assist me. Please I need your help.

Help with a Query

Hi to all, I'm new on this field, I've done various researches on the web to find out how I can realize this script in php:
I'm trying to make a call, query, with my mySQL database to show the result of the query into a container (web page) in Drupal. My script is attached below:

Drupal table with Sortable header


Can anybody help me out??

I have created a sortable table using Drupal's code. Now I want to make the header name and value in row center aligned. Not able to recognize how doing that.

posting sample code :

$header = array(
array('data' => t(' ID# '), 'field' => 'cust.customer_id'), //
array('data' => t('First Name'), 'field' => 'cust.res_name'), //
array('data' => t('Last Name'), 'field' => 'cust.res_lname'), // these header names (ID # , First Name...etc) should be center aligned
array('data' => t('Email'), 'field' => 'cust.mail_id'), //
array('data' => t('Phone'), 'field' => 'cust.customer_phone'),//

$result = db_select('customer_details', 'cust')
->fields('cust',array('customer_id', 'res_lname', 'res_mname', 'res_name', 'mail_id', 'con_code1', 'con_code2', 'customer_phone')

$rows = array();
$row[] = ''.$r->customer_id.''; //
$row[] = ''.$r->res_name.''; //
$row[] = ''.$r->res_lname.''; //these values should be center aligned
$row[] = ''.$r->mail_id.''; //

Add more than one field in a single column header


Can anyone clear my doubt?????

As per my requirement I want to concatenate two fields of database and display under the single column of the header. I am using this code:

$header = array(
array('data' => t('Customer_id'), 'field' => 'cust.customer_id'),
array('data' => t('Last Name'), 'field' => 'cust.res_lname'), //here I want to add one more field cust.res_name


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