Drupal 8 dialog system for Drupal 7.


1. Enable module
2. Add to page link with class autodialog
3. Profit :)

Custom dialog options

Put custom options in data-dialog-{option-name} attribute. Example:


Druponsive is a theme based on Zen. It incorpores many features like the color module and use the most of the ZenGrid plugin.
The objective is to create a smart base theme that adapt to wathever you put in it. The project is still in an active development and should not be used as it stand now.


Provides a field formatter to display images in a fluidbox.

Fluid box is a 'distraction free' lightbox. It provides an elegant mechanism that allows a different image to be loaded inside the lightbox than the one that is on the page. It resizes the images on the page intelligently, i.e portrait images aren't squashed and large keep their aspect ratio.

Ridiculously Responsive Social Share Buttons

Adds the Ridiculously Responsive Social Share Buttons to your website.

You can choose to add them to the end of certain node types or use the block to put them wherever you want.

Why this project? They look and work nice and they aren't on Drupal yet. You'll need to place the files from in sites/all/libraries/rrssb/ or use the provided drush function to do that for you!




This module generates and displays identicon images in place of the user picture for users who do not have a picture.



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