Drupal Property Manager

Drupal Property Manager was created by James Kirkby as a web development project for final year dissertation


Increasingly business are turning to software and online services to replace their traditional business processes. Property management software continues to grow in popularity and importance. As it decreases in price, smaller companies and individual property managers are able to function using the same industry standards and efficiency as their larger competitors.

Moderation Dropbutton

Drupal 8 port of submit button for nodes with dropdown.
Includes styles for shiny and seven themes.
Has support for Workbench Moderation states.

Core updater

Core updater enables the updating of Drupal core directly within a nice UI.

Social Media Aggregator

Creates a field and a block for normalising and aggregating social media sources.

Restaurant Location

Manage multiple restaurant locations.

This module is part of the Restaurant Distribution which requires several modules and libraries. See the Restaurant project page for more information and file all issues in the main issue queue.



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