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IssuePlan what Sessions to suggest YesCT215 min 18 sec ago
IssueSupport RDFa output in entity reference field formatter scor820 min 58 sec ago
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IssueAdding new conditions becomes slow after a large number of conditions (50+) Qandeel1427 min 31 sec ago
IssueNew methods, standards for describing Seven themes admin page mgifford434 min 31 sec ago
IssueThe body field summary textarea indicates it has a description with aria-describedby attribute, but the DOM id value points to a non-existent node jessebeach4541 min 2 sec ago
IssueMultiple widget with more than one row open closes all rows on submit fearlsgroove043 min 54 sec ago
IssueAjax upload after editing content does not work goudal347 min 30 sec ago
IssueAll country data coming through as POINT? Funksmaname751 min 36 sec ago
Forum topictheme_xxx called directly or not ? qqboy655 min 44 sec ago
IssueSimplify names of "element-x" helper classes Jacine14757 min 8 sec ago
IssueMake ContentEntityDatabaseStorage generate static database schemas for content entities tstoeckler1561 hour 58 sec ago
IssueUnable to follow "Menus" link in footer dsnopek21 hour 2 min ago
Issuecustomize page display issue Rockmeister121 hour 7 min ago
IssueHeight element added to body tag breaks responsive theme. ridgek_lives31 hour 8 min ago
Issuenode_access create checks are invalid for non-logged-in accounts Nephele21 hour 8 min ago
IssueAlias for specific account types? System Lord - Mark01 hour 8 min ago
IssueUpdate to Drupal 7.27 for SA-CORE-2014-002 dsnopek121 hour 9 min ago
Issuesolr-4.x files incorrect jtk31031 hour 14 min ago
Issue Page cached by Boost only displays if I clear my browser history Stealth101 hour 21 min ago
Issueuse ContainerAwareTrait instead of extending ContainerAware dawehner551 hour 27 min ago