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8.x / 8.0-alpha12 18-Apr-2014 Default configuration moved into an "install" subdirectory
8.x 18-Apr-2014 Drupal\Core\KeyValueStore\State moved into Drupal\Core\State\State
7.x / 7.27 16-Apr-2014 form_set_cache() now validates the passed-in form build ID
7.x / 7.27 16-Apr-2014 Modules which use custom Ajax form page callbacks require updates for Drupal 7.27
6.x, 7.x / 6.31, 7.27 16-Apr-2014 Modules which provide alternative page cache implementations require updates for Drupal 6.31 and Drupal 7.27
8.x / 8.0-alpha12 16-Apr-2014 edit.module renamed to quickedit.module
8.x 15-Apr-2014 Form errors should only be set during validation
8.x 15-Apr-2014 The Attribute object now prints all attributes by default
8.x / 8.x 15-Apr-2014 Default active config changed from file storage to DB storage
8.x 15-Apr-2014 menu_get_active_trail() and menu_set_active_trail() removed
8.x 13-Apr-2014 Temporary file deletion window is now configurable
8.x 13-Apr-2014 filter_xss() and filter_xss_admin() moved to a new Xss component
8.x 12-Apr-2014 Session management functions have been converted into a SessionManager service
8.x 11-Apr-2014 hook_url_outbound_alter was replaced by OutboundPathProcessorInterface
8.x 03-Apr-2014 X-Drupal-Cache-Tags header
8.x 02-Apr-2014 New and updated Entity URL methods
8.x 02-Apr-2014 drupal_json_encode() and drupal_json_decode() have moved to \Drupal\Component\Utility\Json
8.x 02-Apr-2014 hook_menu_link_defaults() moved to *.menu_links.yml files
8.x 01-Apr-2014 Remove 'scripts' and add 'libraries' key to theme info files
8.x 28-Mar-2014 Menu tree building is now a service
8.x 28-Mar-2014 Extra field definitions and retrieval has changed
8.x / 8.0 27-Mar-2014 Routing, tabs, actions and contextual link titles support replacement arguments again
8.x 27-Mar-2014 Use entity hooks instead of hook_language_insert/update/delete/presave
8.x 27-Mar-2014 aggregator_refresh() and aggregator_remove() removed
8.x 26-Mar-2014 Entity list operations can now be declared and altered by any module
8.x 26-Mar-2014 Default field type / widget / formatter settings have been moved out of annotation and into methods
8.x 25-Mar-2014 View modes and form modes listing functions moved to EntityManager
8.x 24-Mar-2014 Encoding method added to \Drupal\Component\Utility\Tags
8.x 24-Mar-2014 Remove the concept of active / inactive (field types, storage) from Field API
8.x / 8.x 24-Mar-2014 Autocomplete behavior updated to jQuery UI (10.3)
8.x 24-Mar-2014 Entity "controllers" are renamed
8.x 23-Mar-2014 Admin paths are now defined as part of route definitions
8.x 23-Mar-2014 Use the \Drupal\Core\Url object in place of arrays of route info
8.x 23-Mar-2014 Block Cache API is removed; blocks now use standard caching patterns
8.x 21-Mar-2014 REST URI paths changed to canonical paths
8.x 17-Mar-2014 Plugins can depend on a module
8.x 17-Mar-2014 .module and .profile files are no longer required; ModuleHandler::getModuleList() now returns Extension objects
8.x / 8.x-dev 14-Mar-2014 Distribution level settings added to install profiles
8.x 13-Mar-2014 drupal_load() has been removed
8.x 13-Mar-2014 Shortened directory structure for some plugin types
8.x 12-Mar-2014 'show' variable removed from admin_block theme hook
8.x 10-Mar-2014 COMMENT_HIDDEN & COMMENT_CLOSED & COMMENT_OPEN converted to constants on CommentItemInterface
8.x / 8.x 10-Mar-2014 user_authenticate() has been replaced by a 'user.auth' service
8.x 07-Mar-2014 show and hide functions removed from Twig in favor of a new "without" Twig filter
8.x 07-Mar-2014 drupal_get_filename() always returns pathname of main extension file
8.x 06-Mar-2014 drupal_implode_tags() and drupal_explode_tags() replaced with Drupal\Component\Utility\Tags class
8.x 05-Mar-2014 PluginBags have been moved to Drupal\Core
8.x / 8.0-alpha9 04-Mar-2014 Added ability to define fields and field alterations for specific entity bundles
8.x 02-Mar-2014 Book module no longer depends on menu links
8.x 28-Feb-2014 drupal_map_assoc() has been removed


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