I created a new draft from a published node, edit it and save. The next screen is View draft screen.
Here i am not seeing any of the updates made to the node.
Is it a bug or am i missing something here?


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I am not able to reproduce this. I have made a published node. I make a new draft. I see the published version at node/%node and the draft with the changes I just made at node/%node/draft. Are you seeing the same published version at at both node/%node and node/%node/draft ?

Yes.I am seeing the same published version at both node/%node and node/%node/draft.
(I am using panels/panelizer)

I was looking into the code and found out that in this function,

function workbench_moderation_node_view_draft($node) {
  $current_node = workbench_moderation_node_current_load($node);
  return workbench_moderation_router_item_page_callback($current_node);

$current_node gets the edited draft.
But the return statement returns with the current published node.

turns out to be my config issue.
Now i can view draft node properly.
(Still having issues with panelizer creating new draft.may have to open a bug there.)

Title:View draft not showing the node updatesPanelizer is incompatible with moderation
Project:Workbench Moderation» Panelizer
Version:7.x-1.1» 7.x-2.x-dev
Assigned:Unassigned» eosrei
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Panelizer uses the id of the published revision rather than the draft (if it exists) when Workbench Moderation is enabled. On save, the draft content is replaced by a new revision using content from the published revision. Draft content is lost as the moderator sees it.

This is the code from workbench_moderation which gets the current node revision.

function workbench_moderation_node_current_load($node) {
  // Is there a current revision?
  if (isset($node->workbench_moderation['current']->vid)) {
    // Ensure that we will return the current revision
    if ($node->vid != $node->workbench_moderation['current']->vid) {
      $node = node_load($node->nid, $node->workbench_moderation['current']->vid);
  return $node;

I'd like to determine if there is a way to make these two modules compatible.

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This weakness of workbench moderation is part of why I wrote ERS which does not have this problem, or at least, has ways around this problem that did not require modifying Panelizer to look for a different revision ID.

I'm not really sure there's a clean way to make these two modules work together.

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Thanks! This is what I suspected.

I was beating my head on my desk trying to figure out WHY when I made changes to the layout that it kept on reverting to the previous layout setting.
If you are using Workbench Moderation you have to publish your draft after a layout change for the layout changes to take effect and be viewable.

Should it be on Workbench's head to handle overriding the CTools / Panelizer operations, given it is Workbench that is changing what it means to load the display page for a given entity ID? Does Workbench work with Panels?

I don't think workbench moderation can work with panelizer. The two modules would have to cooperate at a pretty high level in order to work together.

We're using the Revisioning module with a site and I'm poking into the problem.

What we're currently seeing with the v7.x-2.x-dev version of Panelizer is that when you save any per-object overrides, the form reloads with none of the changes visible, everything's exactly the way it was prior to the changes being saved. I've tested this both with the "Create new revision" option selected and deselected, that didn't make any difference.

After verifying that there was a problem I then checked the database. Surprisingly enough the records in panelizer_entity, panels_display and panels_pane are correctly updated, they just aren't loaded correctly on the panelizer "content" form.

Digging into it further I've found that the panelizer_edit_content_form() form loads the current entity using the current_revision_id whereas every time Panelizer saves it creates a new revision, even if you tell it not to.

Scrap that, was looking at the wrong installation.

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Try this for size. I was digging through the $form object in panelizer_add_revision_info_form() and realized that the '#submit' handler was being added to the root of the $form, i.e.:

['#submit'][] = 'panelizer_add_revision_info_form_submit';

However the existing form submission handler was being defined in $form['buttons']['submit']['#submit']. I changed the line above and it started working correctly!

In my limited testing this appears to resolve the problem using the Revisioning module, I'd like to get feedback on a) whether it fixes the problem with Workbench Moderation and b) whether merlinofchaos thinks it's the correct way of handling the problem, for all I know the patch could be opening up another can of worms.

This seems to produce some really nasty problems in some cases, mostly when having a revision that's not yet published, and using the "panelizer" tab. Basically you can lose or not see your panelizer changes just made, or ending up with inconsistent or almost empty panes. Not sure how to handle or go forward with this, but a.t.m., the only way to use panelizer on sections with consistent behaviour is to always use the IPE and always use it with the published revision being the latest one.
Does anyone of you have made the same experience?
I gather the patch in #14 is only trying to fix the problems with revisioning but not workbench_moderation?

@danielnolde: I'd like to hear whether it resolves any issues for anyone else.

Seems to work for the simple case of editing the panel. However, changing the layout still creates a new revision. Perhaps the same fix should be applied to all four subpages?

Regarding the overall issue, the reason why I hit my head on #1804156: Panelizer always creates a new revision was related to trying to make a workaround to make panelizer and workbench_moderation play ball. I believe I have found a working solution by having workbench_moderation implement hook_entity_load, and ensure that the entity is the current revision when the path is node/*/panelizer*, which is the same technique ERS uses.

Further form_altering the panelizer forms to ensure that the checkbox for creating a new revision is checked when the current version is the published version, will hide the logic from the end user and let panelizer edit the current version, and only create a new draft when the current version is published, which I think makes sense.

This could either be in workbench_moderation, or put in an add-on module.

@Xen: Ah, yes, I see that now. Also, each of the other forms has a different structure, a different location for listing the submit handlers.

Status:Needs review» Active

Lets move discussion of the "make it work with revisions" to #1804156: Panelizer always creates a new revision and leave this focused on identifying what's necessary for Workbench compatibility.

Project:Panelizer» Workbench Moderation
Status:Active» Needs review

Here's a patch for workbench_moderation that implements what I mentioned above. It's dependent on #1804156: Panelizer always creates a new revision to really work, but it's testable whether panelizer gets the right revision.

@Xen: you forgot to attach the patch :)

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What the...

Donno what happened, but d.o has seen the file before, because it adds a _0 suffix..

Oh, very well, here it is...

Status:Needs review» Needs work

Applied patch and got this error on the panelizer page:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42803]: Grouping error: 7 ERROR: column "r.vid" must appear in the GROUP BY clause or be used in an aggregate function LINE 1: SELECT r.vid AS rvid, r.nid AS nid, MAX(vid) AS vid ^: SELECT r.vid AS rvid, r.nid AS nid, MAX(vid) AS vid FROM {node_revision} r WHERE (r.nid IN (:db_condition_placeholder_0)) GROUP BY nid ORDER BY r.vid DESC; Array ( [:db_condition_placeholder_0] => 37 ) in workbench_moderation_entity_load() (line 233 of .../sites/all/modules/contrib/workbench_moderation/workbench_moderation.module).

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With the fix from #1804156: Panelizer always creates a new revision when you use the Panelizer tab and untick "create a new revision", you get an inconsistent workbench state in the published revision. See screenshot.

While working on #1798294: Can't edit non-current node revisions I've added a patch to add drupal_alter() for customizing the workbench node revisions list: #1868144: Allow the node history list to be customized

@Xen: I'm still looking at your patch, but a couple of things jump out at me initially...

+++ b/workbench_moderation.moduleundefined
@@ -210,6 +210,56 @@ function workbench_moderation_menu_alter(&$items) {
+  static $me = FALSE;
+  if ($me || $type != 'node' || !drupal_match_path($_GET['q'], 'node/*/panelizer*')) {
+    return;
+  }

$me always resolves to FALSE in this expression. Is it required?

+++ b/workbench_moderation.moduleundefined
@@ -210,6 +210,56 @@ function workbench_moderation_menu_alter(&$items) {
+    !empty($form['revision_information']) &&

Should this be wrapped in an isset()?

I have added a patch to panelizer (7.x-2.x-dev) which fixes a rather serious bug causing node revisions to actually loose panels displays.

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I've modified the patch from #22 from Xen to only trigger aggressive latest entity load when not in shutdown mode, since the workbench store function needs to be able to get a specific revision.

This might also fix #24 which seems similar to the issues, we had.

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Here is another. Except this is against 7.x-3.1 and adds support for the IPE as well.

There is still a lingering issue w/ the IPE integration for support entitycache. Entitycache will cause some unexpected results still.

Also there are a couple of todos.

We're not using IPE, but we are using panelizer. Xen's #22 patch (mostly) worked for us, but we had to add another conditional check in hook_entity_load:

function workbench_moderation_entity_load(&$entities, $type) {
$me = FALSE;
  if (
$me || $type != 'node' || !drupal_match_path($_GET['q'], 'node/*/panelizer*') && (!drupal_match_path($_GET['q'], 'node/*/draft'))) {

This worked ok for some period of time, and then something started going wrong with unapproved revisions being visible before they had gone through the complete workflow cycle. We put this down to the node table getting set with the pending vid (even though workbench had it marked as unpublished). It seemed to be due to this hook_entity_load function.. suffice to say it was a ball ache.

Currently we're making do with an conditional check in the workbench_moderation_store() so that the node_save only gets called on certain conditions, i.e.

if (arg(2) == "edit" || $live_revision->workbench_moderation['current']->state == "published") {

This is a temporary fix at the moment, and w'll need to test it and figure out the real problem first, but thought I'd share what I've got for now.

I'm using grndlvl's patch in #29, and it's largely working for me. However, I do have some content types with default Panelizer layouts, and any changes made via IPE are lost if I make a new draft (and I have no published drafts). Effectively, saving the new draft resets the Panelizer did back to 0 (the default layout).

I added this to a hook_node_update() (in a separate module):

function MYMODULE_node_update($node) {
  if (!empty(
$node->old_vid)) {
// fetch the did from the old revision
$old_did = db_query("SELECT did FROM {panelizer_entity} WHERE entity_id = :nid AND revision_id = :oldvid ORDER BY revision_id DESC",
":nid" => $node->nid, ":oldvid" => $node->old_vid))
    if (!empty(
$old_did) && !empty($node->panelizer['page_manager']) && empty($node->panelizer['page_manager']->did)) {
$node->panelizer['page_manager']->did = $old_did;

This will use the did of the previous node revision, preserving any changes made in IPE. So far, this even seems to work if the revision I edit is *not* the current revision.

I'm not sure exactly where this code belongs (such as rolling it as a patch for workbench_moderation.module, etc), but I wanted to share my solution for a fairly specific edge-case that I know has affected at least a few other folks.

Hello guys, check out this issue on Panelizer queue:

#2053721: Saving panelizer for a new node revision should clone the display

I've added a patch with a similar approach for fixing the panelizer/revisions issue.

Earl has indicated my patch is reasonable, and is asking for testers.

Please help, if you can, so we get some of the patch in this issue fixed directly in Panelizer so people not using Workbench Moderation, like me, benefit from this as well.

Okay, so I changed the line orderBy('r.vid', 'DESC') to read orderBy('vid', 'DESC') and the error message has disappeared. Apparently, orderBy is adding new columns to the select list, which causes this error with groupBy or orderBy.

Is this the intended behavior for groupBy and orderBy, or are these fields only added with SQL Server? Perhaps this is a bug in the SQL Server DB driver?

Original Post
I'm working through the instructions from Phase2 on how to make Workbench Moderation and Panelizer play nicely together. When trying to access the Panelizer form for a node, I get the following PDO exception:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42000]: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Column 'node_revision.vid' is invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause.: SELECT r.[nid] AS [nid], MAX(vid) AS expression, r.vid AS _field_0, r.nid AS _field_1 FROM {node_revision} r WHERE ( ([r].[nid] IN (:db_condition_placeholder_0)) ) GROUP BY r.nid ORDER BY r.vid DESC; Array ( [:db_condition_placeholder_0] => 45 ) in workbench_moderation_entity_load() (line 255 of D:\Website Root\<site>\sites\all\modules\workbench_moderation\workbench_moderation.module)

Here is to query that seems to be causing the issue:

    $query = db_select('node_revision', 'r');
    $query->condition('r.nid', array_keys($entities))
      ->orderBy('r.vid', 'DESC')
      ->fields('r', array('nid'))
      ->addExpression('MAX(vid)', 'vid');
    $vids = $query->execute()->fetchAllKeyed();

I assume this must be a SQL Server issue? I've applied patch #29, which adds the query in question.

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I was able to get Panelizer (3.1) working with Workbench Moderation (1.3); started from tobby's blog post and had to dig some more to get to the current status. These are the patches/code I'm using:

I had to use patch -p1 < file.patch to apply the patches, since git apply file.patch didn't work.

As of now I've tested this:

  1. Updating panelizer from 2.0 to 3.1 got the display properly imported as "full page override" view mode.
  2. Updating Workbench Moderation from 1.0 to 1.3 doesn't seem to cause problems with moderated nodes.
  3. Enabling revisions + moderation for the node type I'm using Panelizer with allows me to create revisions properly.
  4. Moderation history for the node shows correct transitions.
  5. Creating new revisions (whether from node edit page or from panelizer content page) works correctly; display from current revision is the one used (shared if no changes, cloned into new one if there are display changes).
  6. Reverting to an old revision restores both data and display for that revision.
  7. View published page works as expected: both data and display are the ones for the published revision.
  8. View draft page works as expected: both data and display are the ones for the current revision.

Note that I haven't tested field collections yet, which seem to be incompatible with revisions.

Thanks all for the good work put into this, and a big thank you to Tobby for the blog post that helped me find this. May this be finished and included into the stable versions of the modules.

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Patch in #35 was generated relative to Drupal's root, I'm attaching a patch relative to Workbench Moderation's directory.

I'll also update #35 to link to this new patch.

The patch in #36 had been working well for me, but upon enabling the Entity Cache module the patch stopped functioning. I assume this is the same issue as the "Entitycache will cause some unexpected results" comment in #29.

I traced the issue down to the fact that when using Entity Cache, hook_entity_load() functions are only called when the entity is first loaded/cached. On subsequent loads from the cache, hook_entity_load() is not called, which is the expected behavior of Entity Cache as far as I can tell. Entity Cache does provide a hook, hook_entitycache_load() / hook_entitycache_TYPE_load() which lets you hook into and alter the entities that are loaded by Entity Cache (whether they are loaded from the DB or from the cache). I added an implementation of that hook which calls workbench_moderation_entity_load() to replace the loaded/cached entities with the latest draft revision just like the previous patches have done. My hook looked something like:

// This doesn't work with Panelizer.
function MY_MODULE_entitycache_node_load($entities) {
$draft_entities = $entities;
workbench_moderation_entity_load($draft_entities, 'node');
  foreach (
$entities as $id => $entity) {
$entities[$id] = $draft_entities[$id];

I verified that at the end of my function the draft entities were replacing the published entities, however Panelizer was still only seeing the published entity. I found that if instead of replacing the entire entity object, if I merely removed all of the existing properties and added all of the properties from the draft entity to the entity object loaded by Entity Cache, Panelizer would correctly see the draft entity. So my working (but ugly) code looks like:

// This works with Panelizer, but seems like a hack.
function MY_MODULE_entitycache_node_load($entities) {
$draft_entities = $entities;
workbench_moderation_entity_load($draft_entities, 'node');
  foreach (
$entities as $id => $entity) {
    foreach (
get_object_vars($entity) as $name => $value) {
    foreach (
get_object_vars($draft_entities[$id]) as $name => $value) {
$entity->$name = $value;

I'm not sure why replacing the entire object would not work. I dug into the two places I thought would be most likely to cause the issue - Entity Cache and Panelizer's own caching and did not find anything, although Panelizer's code can be quite complex. I'm thinking it may be because the Entity Cache hook does not pass the $entities array as a reference so replacing an entity object actually modifies a copy of the $entities array, but acting on the entity objects themselves modifies the objects which are stored by reference.

I don't want to update the patches in this thread to include this hook until this object reference/property issue can be resolved cleanly (or at least explain the need for the hacky property replacement code). Has anyone else seen this incompatibility between the patches in this thread and Entity Cache, and if so, any idea what might be causing this odd behavior with Entity Cache's hook and Panelizer?

"explain the need for the hacky property replacement code"

Not sure if this is what you mean but if you pass a function an array of objects, then update any of the objects in the function, when the function is done, the objects remain altered. If the function modifies the array by adding to it or something, then after the function completes, the array stays exactly the same (the same keys point to the same objects) except that any objects in the array that were deleted will be gone.

If you delete an object in the function, the reference is broken - there is nothing to reference. There is nothing you can do at that point to bring back the reference, as far as I know.

With that said, have you tried the following simplified version instead? No idea if this is a good idea or if it will even work, just figured I'd throw my two cents in.

function MY_MODULE_entitycache_node_load($entities) {
workbench_moderation_entity_load($entities, 'node');

Cheers and sorry if I missed the point or got something wrong,

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I get a PDO Exception: Grouping error: 7 ERROR: column "r.vid" must appear in the GROUP BY clause or be used in an aggregate function with the above patch.

According to Writing compliant code with both MySQL and PostgreSQL documentation, more specifically at PostgreSQLism: all non-aggregated fields to be present in the GROUP, all distinct values ('nid' and 'vid') should be present at GROUP BY clause.

I've attached a patch for this issue. Otherwise above patch works great in PostgreSQL!

This still has a problem with MS SQL Server, as mentioned in #34, but now the error is:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42000]: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Cannot use an aggregate or a subquery in an expression used for the group by list of a GROUP BY clause.: SELECT r.[nid] AS [nid], MAX(vid) AS vid, r.vid AS _field_0 FROM {node_revision} r WHERE ( ([r].[nid] IN (:db_condition_placeholder_0)) ) GROUP BY r.[nid], MAX(vid) ORDER BY r.vid DESC; Array ( [:db_condition_placeholder_0] => 7107 ) in workbench_moderation_entity_load() (line 256 of C:\Users\r_johnston\Projects\DRUPAL\Drupal_WxT\profiles\wetkit\modules\contrib\workbench_moderation\workbench_moderation.module).

Basically, it can't group my MAX(vid). Also, one can see that it is producing 3 fields and the subsequent call to fetchAllKeyed() suggests that only 2 are necessary. Can the query be simplified to something like this:

= db_select('node_revision', 'r');
$query->condition('r.nid', array_keys($entities))
orderBy('r.vid', 'DESC')
fields('r', array('nid'))
fields('r', array('vid'));

which would produce the following SQL:

SELECT r.[nid] AS [nid], r.[vid] AS [vid] FROM {node_revision} r WHERE ( ([r].[nid] IN (:db_condition_placeholder_0)) ) GROUP BY nid, vid ORDER BY r.vid DESC  ?

I think that the end result is the same, no? And it would work for all databases.

Patch in #36 worked for me.

Problem with #36, it seems to be working, however I do get this error on all of my panelized nodes when I go to edit the content:

    Notice: Undefined index: page_manager in workbench_moderation_form_alter() (line 289 of /public_html/sites/all/modules/workbench_moderation/workbench_moderation.module).
    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in workbench_moderation_form_alter() (line 289 of /public_html/sites/all/modules/workbench_moderation/workbench_moderation.module).

NOTE: I also realized, that I just updated CTools to the lastest version (security update). I'm not aware if this error was present before that, but perhaps this could help in resolving.

I'm using almost the same patches described in #35, except I'm using #15 from #2053721: Saving panelizer for a new node revision should clone the display, simply because #23 didn't apply cleanly for me using latest stable release of Panelizer.

I'm not using #39 in this issue because I noticed when I have an existing node setup in Panelizer, and I click on the "Panelizer" tab, after applying that patch it says "Not panelized", even though I see that it is panelized when I view the node. If I click the "panelize" link and then the "Panelize It!" button, it overwrites my existing panel.

Status:Needs work» Needs review

@russ86 This updated patch addresses the issue that you described.
@jojonaloha The patch is rolled against 1.x-dev, not the latest stable release.
@rob_johnston I looked into your issue, but I'm not sure what scenario calls that snippet of code. Can you list steps to reproduce?

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Patch did not attach in previous post.

One problem that still exists with this patch is that permits admins to edit the current, published revision and completely bypass the workbench moderation workflow. The Panels IPE buttons should not exist on the published revision--only on the current draft.

I created a pretty hacky workaround for this:

* Implements hook_page_alter().
function mymodule_page_alter(&$page) {
// This disables Panels IPE if we are viewing the current, published
  // revision of a node.
if (module_exists('workbench_moderation')) {
$menu_item = menu_get_item();
    if (
$menu_item['page_callback'] != 'workbench_moderation_node_view_draft') {
$menu_object = menu_get_object();
      if (!empty(
$menu_object->vid) && !empty($menu_object->workbench_moderation)) {
$node = $menu_object;
        if (!empty(
$node->workbench_moderation['published']->vid == $node->vid) {
$buttons = & drupal_static('panels_ipe_toolbar_buttons', array());
$buttons = array();

Oddly, usage of hook_page_preprocess() was not effective for this--I had to wipe out the IPE buttons in the static cache.

The better solution would be to allow IPE buttons on published node pages, but to create a new draft when the IPE edit is made to it.