The Gigya Drupal module allows you to easily embed Gigya’s wide range of social login, sharing and community features throughout your Drupal site.

New in Version 7.x-4.4

  • Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) - learn more in the dedicated guide - Using RaaS with Drupal.
  • Upgraded Comments plugin (version 2).
  • Support connecting to an alternative data center (i.e. Europe data center). Gigya-Drupal module configuration enables you to select an alternative data center. Please make sure to select a data center in correspondence with your site configuration on the Gigya platform.
  • Gigya debug log - when turned on, Gigya messages are logged to the Drupal watchdog. You can turn the logging on/off in the Gigya-Drupal module configuration.
  • A new hook that enables passing all the Gamification (GM) parameters that are supported by Gigya. Please refer to the GM Javascript API for the entire list of methods & parameters.

Main Features

  • User Management - Gigya’s User Management 360 is a complete solution for managing a new generation of user data that encompasses social identity data, social graph connections, behavior data, and traditional profile data. Gigya module for Drupal provides two main packages:

    • Social Login - The Gigya module can be used as an external authentication system, allowing users to sign up to your site using an increasing number of platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and more. As with standard registration, new Drupal user accounts will be created in the process. See our documentation for additional information and advanced implementation options: Social Login

    • Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) - An end-to-end user management system package. The platform offers a comprehensive cloud-based user registration system that supports Social Login, allowing sites to maintain a unified user database for both social and traditional site authentication. Learn how to implement RaaS within Drupal. For additional information and advanced implementation options: Registration-as-a-Service.
  • Share - The module includes different tools to enable your users to share content and site activities to social networks. The “Share Bar” plugin displays a bar of buttons, next to whatever content you wish, for sharing this content to social networks and bookmark destinations. “Sharing an action” lets the site owner configure rules to automatically prompt the user with a share dialog, once he performs a certain share-worthy activity on your site, encouraging the user to post his action to social networks. The activity can be for example, posting a story, or submitting a comment, etc.
    See Gigya’s documentation for additional information and advanced implementation options: Sharing.
  • Comments - Gigya's Comments plugin enables site users to post comments and have discussions about published content on your site. These comments can be easily shared with social networks. By default, enabling Gigya comments will replace Drupal’s comments with Gigya’s. Gigya’s comments are configured to also be saved as Drupal comments, so the plugin can be easily be switched-off - while still retaining the comments. Please notice that Comments settings must be configured on Gigya’s site, before they can be used in your Drupal site. Login to to configure these settings.
    See Gigya’s documentation for additional information and advanced implementation options:
  • Rating & Reviews - The Rating & Reviews plugins give your customers an easy way to provide feedback on product and content across your site, and then share that feedback with friends in their social networks. See Gigya’s documentation for additional information: Rating & Reviews.
  • Reactions - The Reactions plugin allows users to react to content in your site and share their reaction to social networks. The Reactions plugin is built out of one or more buttons, arranged in a bar. Each button represents a "reaction" to the content, such as 'LOL', 'Amazing', etc. Once a user clicks on a reaction button, a share dialog will pop up to suggest to him to share his reaction to social networks.
    See Gigya’s documentation for additional information and advanced implementation options: Reactions.
  • Game Mechanics - Gigya's Game Mechanics (GM) is a social loyalty and rewards platform that can be easily embedded in your website, increasing site engagement and making your users' experience more enjoyable. See Gigya’s documentation for additional information:
  • Activity Feed - The Activity Feed plugin allows users to see the latest actions on a site, according to who performed the actions.
    See Gigya’s documentation for additional information:
    Activity Feed.


  1. Please make sure you have the dependent modules installed:  Token, Entity, Ctools.
  2. Download the Gigya module from
  3. Install the Gigya module as a regular Drupal module (see
  4. Enable the module.
  5. Go to Gigya’s website ( and find your site’s API Key and secret key.
  6. Go to Configuration >> web services >> Gigya settings. Under “Gigya Socialize Keys”, enter the keys from the Gigya site.
  7. Click submit. The module will validate the keys. If your keys are valid you can start using Gigya on your Drupal site.


Before reporting bugs please make sure you are running the latest version of the module. Bugs in Gigya platform should be reported at the "Support" section of Gigya's Platform site The module's issue queue is for problems with the Drupal module.

Gigya’s Terms of Use

The Gigya Drupal module is licensed under the same license as Drupal core.
The Gigya Platform service (which the module uses) is free for:

  1. Testing and evaluation purposes.
  2. Production use on the site indicated on your registration so long as not more than 1,000 unique member site users connect via the services in any calendar month.

To learn more, please read the Gigya Member Agreement at:

Clients who purchase a paid subscription from Gigya receive advanced features, full support, consulting services and a SLA. To learn more please contact Gigya at: Contact-us.

Settings and Advanced Usage

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