Markdown editor with sample Markdown code
Markdown editor with preview by Ajax markup

Markdown editor is a plug-in editor for BUEditor and provides a toolbar and dialogs for creating and editing Markdown and Markdown Extra markup.

Supported Markdown tags

  • Header
  • Italics
  • Bold
  • Code (inline and block)
  • Quote
  • Ordered list
  • Unordered list
  • Definition list
  • Table
  • Abbreviation/acronym
  • Footnote
  • Link
  • Image
  • Paragraph break
  • Horizontal rule


If you want to see Markdown editor 7.x-1.x-dev in action I have posted an screencast Introduction to Markdown editor for BUEditor on Vimeo.


Once this module has been installed, remember to to head over to BUEditor's settings and its "Role-editor assignments" section to select the roles that may use the Markdown editor.


Drupal 7:

Ajax markup is highly recommended to get nice previews. Install it before you activate Markdown editor and it will automatically use it when setting up the editor buttons.

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