This module implements an OpenID Provider in Drupal based on the OpenID Authentication 2.0 specification. It turns your Drupal site into an OpenID provider and allows users of your site to login to any other OpenID-enabled site using their Drupal password and identity.


This module depends on the XRDS Simple module and the core OpenID module. It also works well with pathauto to enable users to have clean OpenID identifiers.

Related modules


There are a lot of other alternatives for credentials sharing amongst different sites, here are a few:

  • OpenID URL - use your site as an OpenID but by delegating the responsability to a third party provider
  • Oauth - alternative approach using something like a "valet key" instead of authentication, client and server side
  • BrowserID - a completely different protocol developed by Mozilla, client side only
  • Bakery - a Drupal-specific Single Sign On (SSO) implementation, client and server implementation
  • Kerberos - Kerberos SSO implementation, client side only
  • Shibboleth - Shibboleth SSO implementation, client side only
  • simpleSAMLphp authentication - alternative to Shibboleth module, includes client and server implementations
  • CAS - implementation of the Central Authentication Service protocol, client and server implementations


It has been originally developped by Walkah and has since then been taken over by Anarcat, under sponsorship by

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