Please consider using the flexifilter module instead of this before beginning use.

This module provides a filter which uses the PEAR Text_Wiki package for formatting.

Thus it supports the following syntax:

See the readme.txt for installation instructions of the PEAR packages.

The filter integrates with following modules by using their favored link path:

  • wikitools: wikilinks point to the specified wikipath of wikitools. You should update to the new release.
  • freelinking: wikilinks point to freelinking links
  • liquid: wikilinks point to liquid's wiki path

Interwikilinks are supported and can be specified by providing a mapping of interwiki targets and mapping url's. A special interwiki target is given for linking to a drupal path. See the default filter settings for an example on how to do this.

The filter supports image links with images uploaded through the image module. Just use the name of an image node in the image name of the wiki syntax and it links to this image. Use of image assist is only provided through a patch. See the demo site to see it in action.

Integration with other filters can be achieved by providing ignore tags or a regular expression which is ignored. This can be used for example to integrate with syntax highlighting filters or an experimental template filter.

Note: the newer development (interwiki links, image support, wikitools support, liquid support) is not provided in the 4.7 version. If you need the features in the 4.7 version make a feature request for the backport.

Project Information

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