Simplenews Statistics gathers newsletter statistics like the open rate and CTR (click-through rate) and presents the information to administrators through an easy to use interface.

Drupal 7

A Drupal 7 port of this module is available but very limited for the moment. Use only for development purposes!

Drupal 6

3.x and Simplenews 2.x

3.x will only support Simplenews 2.x.
The current release is usable, but needs testing from the community. We are also waiting on stable releases for Simplenews 2.x to push out our stable release.

Extra features can be unlocked!

  • Views Calc: add calculations to statistics overview tables
  • Views Data Export: add the ability to download statistics in CSV or other formats

Upgrade path from 2.x to 3.x is fully functional, there are however some things you need to know!

  • Upgrade to Simplenews 2.x first. Their upgrade path should work perfectly.
  • Check the requirements, there are new dependencies. Drupal does not automatically install these.
  • Permissions for newsletter statistics were added, don't forget to check them.


7.x-1.x release:

6.x-3.x release:

Know issues

Simplenews statistics has know issues when used with Simplenews Scheduler.
If you are using this module and want to use Simplenews Statistics please help us improve the module by creating a detailed issue of any problem.


Credits go to the all developers, testers, companies, ... who helped with this great project. If your name is missing in this list, do contact me!

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