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Adding node translation updates source node.


Strange issue,

When I'm adding a translation (ex. french) to a dutch node the dutch node title gets overwritten by the french one.

Does anyone have a similar issue in the past and on how to solve this?

I'm using drupal 7
Internationalization module
Field translation


I disabled all translation modules leaving only entity translation enabled.
I'm still experiencing the same issue.


Ubercart attributes and options synchronization between translations.

I was looking for solution to sync attributes and options in ubercart. Not alot was found so I decided to write it by myself. I hope it will be useful for somebody. ;)
I haven't found how to insert here a file, so i just paste the code.
1. i18_sync (Synchronize translations) module should be enabled.
2. On product content type edit page there is a tab "Synchronize translations", so "Attributes" checkbox should be checked. (This checkbox will appear after creating custom module with the code below. Don't forget to clear cache.)

Multilingual Views, parallel display different languages fields

Using the Entity Translation we can have a Content type with:
Title (single language)
Description (text area)(lang:EN)
Description (text area)(lang:XX)

On Views we can configure the language from Other->Field Language
But, I need to display in parallel in a View both “Description (text area)” regardless the language.

So the results of the View will look like:
Node 1:
Title: Lorem ipsum (single language)
Description-EN: Lorem ipsum (lang:EN)
Description-XX: Lorem ipsum (lang:XX)
Node 2: ....

Translating already completed Drupal site


I have created a website in English using Drupal 7 that I am 90 % done with but now I want to do exactly the same site but in Swedish instead of English. I have tried many different ways using help found on the internet but I haven't been able to solve it. I am fine with doing all the translating manually, I just want a way of duplicating the site for two languages and a switch between the two sites.

Many thanks in advance!
Robert Adonis

Taxonomy Translations


I've got a large multi-lingual site using 9 languages. I've got the content area (nodes) translating fine. However when I move onto taxonomy I noticed quite a big issue.

When you choose to translate a node the content from the default language is copied over into the new language (including images, field collections, taxonomies). However when you do it on taxonomies the content is not copied over.

translating <none>

Hi someone with drupal language expirience out there ?
[Question: in the english version I used < none > on several places, without the spaces to show no title and if language is set to default english no problem
But when I set language to Dutch < none > is translated to -geen- perfect dutch btw but i didn't want to show up a title at all


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