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Drupal render form not rendering a form

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I have a cutom module which creates a page with a custom form. the problem is that i don't print whole form at once like :

$form = drupal_get_form('custom_example_form', $adverts);
print render($form);

Rather my code is like:

Create a checkbox field in content type


I am trying to create a field programmatically in content type.

This is the code :

Trying to create module from 3 PHP functions

I am trying to create a D7 module from this PHP code.

There are only 3 PHP functions in that project I need. Ping, procExecute, validate. If I get that working I could easily add the other functions.

This is not related to the Nagios LookingGlass module in any way btw.

Stying AJAX enabled views


I'm trying to add/remove a CSS class to my AJAX enabled Views on AJAX requests.

I have created a new module which adds my JS to the page on the template_preprocess_views_view hook and I have the following JS:

Developing a Purchase Order system

Hello. I am using Ctools/Pages and trying to create a Purchase Order System... I created a content type I will call PO and another one I will call POLI (PO Line Items)... How do I best bring the line items into the PO? I know I need a field that attaches POLI to PO... I tried using Entity Reference and KNOW for sure that is not the right way... Im not sure whether to use Relations or Context... any ideas?


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