Display Date

Most content on Drupal either has a 'Published on' date or a 'Created on' date associated with it. While these are great, sometimes content editors want a date they can edit easily for a number of reasons. Display Date is a module that does exactly that. It builds on the Date and Date API modules to create an easily configurable field that editors will love.
This module will allow content creators to easily set a displayed date for a node. If no date is set, the node created date is used.

FatSecret REST API Integration module

FatSecret: The Drupal 6 & 7 FatSecret REST API Integration module

This module allows you to integrate FatSecret API and to call all related API function of FatSecret.

This version of the module only works with Drupal 6.x & 7.x.

Entity Recur

Heavily inspired by the Node recur project, but with a more generic approach so it works for all entities.



This module creates a teaser in a block with content created some time ago. The time is defined on the modules configuration page.

TOC Node

Provides a Table Of Contents for a node, which includes all the content of a node.

The TOC will display automatically above content, and is also available as a block, so can be placed anywhere on a page.


Set defaults on a content type, each node will also have individual settings.

The TOC will appear at the top of the Content region automatically.

If you add the TOC block to the page the automatic TOC will not display.


Content lock extend


This module adds Entity lock support to the community module called content_lock that will prevent two users from editing the same node concurrently. This module exposes the locking node content type of content_lock through all entity, so that content locking can be done over all entity content type.


This module exposes the operations of content_lock module for Entity Content type.



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