jQuery Backstretch

A module for adding jQuery Backstretch functionality to Drupal

It provides following ways to add the background functionality to Drupal:

  • By adding images through comma seperated URLs
  • By using the images from the ImageFields attached to nodes

You can also select on which pages the plugin should work.



This module provides API integration with Endomondo. The module is based on a similar Drupal module developed for Twitter. Out of the box, it allows users to:

  • Associate one or more Endomondo accounts with their Drupal user account.
  • Import user workouts.
  • List user workouts and stats in blocks.


Endomondo requires OAuth to connect with the Endomondo API.

Inline Entity Form Buttons

Inline Entity Form provides a great way to link entities to one another, which has proven to be extremely useful, but sometimes end users aren't familiar with terminology like "node," or "term," and this simple module aims to make the experience more user-friendly.

Currently, this module:

Shortcode for Wysiwyg

Provides ShortcodeWysiwyg integration.

Shortcode is an API that handles the Shortcode macros for text formats. You can insert these defined and enabled macros from the Wysiwyg editor's toolbar.


Modernizing Testbot Initiative

This project is intended as a collection and organization point for the 'Modernizing Testbot' initiative, an unofficial Drupal community initiative with the goal of updating and improving our automated testing environment, increasing both its flexibility and functionality in an attempt to bring it up to speed with other modern continuous integration platforms and better meet the evolved testing needs of the Drupal community.


Commerce shipping cd

Little module for replacing and hiding shipping related customer panes based on your own needs.
This module will move customer pane form to shipping information area.
Originally based on http://digital54.com/drupal-commerce/dependent-shipping.


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