AJAX Download Counter

This module uses AJAX to count file downloads. It's optimized for medium to large sites (such as my own site, OpenGameArt.org) where the total number of file downloads might be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions. Using this module has some advantages and some limitations versus other methods of counting downloads:


Todo Tools

TODO Web Development Tools

Wayback Filter

Setting when to offer an additional link to the Wayback Machine

Enhance links in old articles with links to Wayback Machine. That is: an old article linking to http://www.kazaa.com/ (dead destination) will automagically link to https://web.archive.org/web/20140103113425/http://www.kazaa.com/ (original destination)


timeago on nodes

This module will calculate the time ago to the opening node and will display it in a small top widget.
This time will be updated automatically.

FacetAPI Color

Facet widget for color field.

Facet Api



Scribe is a system for annotating documents inside of Drupal. Utilizing various Javascript library, Scribe is able to store annotations on various types of content.

Using scribe, particular fields are configured to be annotated. This is done via user configuration.

The base scribe module does the following things:


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