If the repeating dates API is enabled and a repeating date field is added to a content type FullCalendar fails to display the date on the calendar. This occurs even if the Repeat checkbox is not checked when creating the content.

Comment #17 indicates a patch was created and then committed in comment #18.

Comment #34 states that the patch never made it to the 7.x branch. I can confirm that the code does not appear in the (7.x-2.x-dev) branch /theme/theme.inc file.

Comments #39-44 seem to be discussing a separate issue, not the issue of dates not appearing in the FullCalendar display when the date repeat api is enabled.


Title:repeated events on version 7.0repeated events on version 7.x

Title:repeated events on version 7.xSupport Date Repeat API
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Hi Tim,
As far as I can understand, this feature is not available today because u maded a request for that.
Am I wright? Sorry but I am new to this forum ...


Tim is the maintainer of the project. If you would like to see a new feauture in fullcalendar you have to make a "feautre request".

Thank for your reply ...
But that's just the point. I don't have any clue if this feature exist or not for version 7
Maybe it is already implemented but it isn't working for me.
That was in fact my question ..


If we decide to put this to a feature request it means it isn't implemented yet.
If it is not working we consider it a bug report.

So this is a not yet implemented feature.

Ok thank you!
This was a clear answer ...



This is kind of working. There just needs to be a way to reduce the results to a single entry instead of showing every repeat value on each day of the repeated value.

Version:7.x-2.0-alpha2» 7.x-2.x-dev
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Since this was marked as major I'll add a little extra information that may help.

Repeat dates are working for me.

The bug I'm having with them is I have two different date fields on the same content type. The date fields are separate (different machine names). 1 of the fields is a repeated date, while the other is a single date (no repeat) that can be added unlimited times. When I have a date for both the repeating dates and the other date field, 2 entries show up on the repeated date day inside the calendar. If I add a few more dates to the unlimited date field, as many dates as I add show up on the calendar. If I remove all the dates from the unlimited dates field, then only 1 entry is shown (the repeated date).

So it looks like repeated dates are working correctly. They're just not being reduced to the correct date field if more than 1 date field is on a content type, even after setting "Use a custom date field" and selecting the repeating date field.

Version:7.x-2.x-dev» 6.x-2.x-dev
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I needed to get this working on D6 today, so here's a patch. Hopefully I can get the D7 one working soon as well.

Actually, repeating dates work fine for me in D7. So just this.

+ if (isset($field['columns']['rrule'])) {
+ $value = array($value[$vars['view']->row_index]);
+ }


Don't think that is correct or it is a strange word. (didn't test it)

rrule is "recurrence rule", and its used in the ical standard, which is where date module got it from. It's a reliable way to see if a field is repeating or not.

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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This still needs to be revisited for D7. But also, dragging a repeating date is broken, it only updates the first one. This is because the repeating updating happens only in the widget validator (?!), and doesn't fire on node_save.

Also, we can't know if they want to change ALL events or just the one.

So in the meantime, repeating dates shouldn't be draggable.

Status:Needs review» Postponed

Committed as a stop-gap. Draggable repeating dates will have to wait.


I have the following problem when upgrading from beta to latest dev.

First my broken beta repeat view:
The view is a simple repeat every day rule for about 10 different nodes repeating on different days.
Now it repeats (Yea, repeats heavily, in the day it repeats 10 times and it repeats like it should). Also all other nodes repeat day wise about 10x and every day making the calendar one big clutter.

Second, and update to latest dev.
Now all dayly repeats that was 10x dissapears and the first repeat node in the view shows like it should, but all the other nodes are missing in the calendar. (they are there if I switch to html list)

the update now only shows one node in a full calendar ignoring all other repeat nodes.
P.S. normal non repeat nodes show on the calendar in there date block.
I am using the latest dev of views 3 (there was an update to run that broke some of my views, causing them to duplicate. Before views update things worked fine, without this patch for repeat rules)

Sorry but your post is very very confusing...

I advice you to recreate your views in latest views and ctools dev versions because they changed a lot and I had some troubles with the upgrade path.

If possible try to explain your situation a bit clearer. If its hard try to use screenshots.

Ok, What I have done now is to Revert the fullcalendar original view.

I am using latest 6.dev of views 3, FullCalendar dev and Date Tweaks to help in repeat rules.

It seems that the problem is coming from views. I did not have this problem before but had to update to latest dev of views to fix a pager problem in attachments.

By just playing with the default view supplied with full calendar I am already experiencing undesired results than before. I am going to do more tests to see if I can get to the bottom of this.

Applying this patch

    // If this is a repeating date, only print the current one.
    if (isset($field['columns']['rrule'])) {
      $value = array($value[$vars['view']->row_index]);

Cause this problem

I have 5 nodes each with a start and end date on the same day "4 July 11:00 to 12:00"
Without this path a have 5 node titles showing in the calendar container of the 4th July. This is correct.

If I apply the patch I only see 1 node in the 4ht July container. It filters the rest 4 nodes as date repeats but they are individual nodes.

Hope this description is better.

Give this a try:


function template_preprocess_fullcalendar_fields(&$vars) {

static $count;

And change:

// If this is a repeating date, only print the current one.
if (isset($field['columns']['rrule'])) {
$value = array($value[$vars['view']->row_index]);

// If this is a repeating date, only print the current one.
if (isset($field['columns']['rrule']) && $found != $node->nid) {
$count = $value[($count = $count + 1)] ? $count : 0;
$value = array($value[$count]);
$field['editable'] = FALSE;

The patch previously provided works great as long as you only have a single node with rrule. If you have multiple nodes in the same calendar with rrules, it will break. The steps I provided above will fix that.

It works, thanks :)

Status:Postponed» Patch (to be ported)
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I can reproduce the problem described in #22. The fix proposed in #23 doesn't work for me (e.g. $found is not even defined in this context). Since I needed this fixed I wrote the following patch, which works for me by storing an index per node id to reference which repeating events have already been handled and which have not.

This solution scales linearly in memory with the number of repeating events; I'm sure there's a way to reduce this overhead to require the memory only temporarily.

Patch attached.

P.S.: I'm not sure I'm supposed to set this ticket's status to "patch (to be ported)". If I shouldn't have, please bear with me, I'm new to Drupal dev.

Status:Patch (to be ported)» Needs review

OK, guess I should have read the issue queue handbook.

Just got event colouring working with no repeating dates problem. It took some trial and error to get the right combo of module versions to work as well as help from several people including Tim. Here are the versions that brought it all together:

Any problems I have with my calendar are now of my own making.

Thanks guys!

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I am also getting errors with the current code. However, the patch from #25 makes each event show up only the first time, none of the repeats show.

This patch makes everything work as expected.

I follow this post since I've performance issue with my views of fullcalendar. I think this issue, once fixed, will reduce the overhead of my events processing.
But I'm disappointed because none of your patchs works as expected IMHO.

Currently, I'm using fullcalendar to display events which are basically repeated every week. I'm using only a daily view which implies that I can see only one iteration of these events : furthermore, I've in my view filter a"start_event=now AND end_event=now.
If I switch my display mode to list, only day iterations are shown, but if I switched to Fullcalendar, all iterations are shown (or,if issue's patch applied, just the one year old which is described in your comments as the first one).

In theme.inc, $vars['view']->result is available. Why can't we stick to this list to build fc events? I'm missing something ?

I'm trying to get this to work in a D7 install and the dates don't seem to repeat. I have Fullcalendar 7.x-2.0-beta3+3-dev setup and enabled, a date field added that is repeatable using the api and It only displays one time. Is there something else that has to be done to get the dates to repeat? I have an events calendar and there is an event that needs to repeat every tuesday. The calendar works, the event displays once and when you click and view the details it says it repeats.

#28 fixed my problem with repeating events! Thank you!

Status:Needs review» Fixed

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Title:Support Date Repeat APISupport Date Repeat API in FullCalndar 7.x
Version:6.x-2.x-dev» 7.x-2.x-dev
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I grepped the module and can't find where the rrule column is being called. Also the commits appear to be made to the 6.x branch, none to the 7.x branch.

Title:Support Date Repeat API in FullCalndar 7.xSupport Date Repeat API in FullCalendar 7.x

Component:Miscellaneous» Code

I see that the function dealing with recurring events in the D6 branch isn't in the D7 branch. I am totally willing to create a D7 patch if one of the maintainers wants to clear things up for me while at DrupalCon.

I am also in need of this functionality for the D7 branch. I am more than willing to help create a patch with some assistance!

Status:Active» Closed (fixed)
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Repeating dates appear to just work fine on my employer's website using FullCalendar. See for yourself (note that it's a busy period right now!). I think it just comes straight from the Date API / Date Views / Date Repeat modules. The settings for the date Field should look something like this:

Status:Closed (fixed)» Active

pjcdawkins: I checked your website and what I'm seeing here is different from what this issue is discussing.

On your site, it appears that you have a Date field with multiple values. So, for example, this event: http://uclu.org/whats-on/sport/highbury-fields-park-run has an explicit value for each date that appears on the calendar. This is different from the Date Repeat API which allows you to have a Date field with a single value that has a "repeat rule" (ie. "Repeat once a week for 4 weeks")

In the case of a multi-value Date field, you are correct that support for this is already in place. In the case of a repeat rule, the functionality is in place in the D6 branch but not the D7. On D7, a Date field with a repeat rule is only shown once.

If I'm incorrect in my assessment feel free to call me out :)

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@Ignigena, a screenshot of the "Highbury Fields Park Run" date entry form is attached.

We have chosen not to display the date repeat rules (because they don't format nicely enough, and are over-the-top when an event just has, say, two occurrences).

Very interesting. I'm going to dive deeper into this tonight. Out of curiousity (and not to take this thread too off-subject) but how what field formatter are you using to display every date in the rule? (directly under the page title at the right) I'll pull up my Dev site tonight and see what I'm missing in the puzzle.

In any case, it does sound like the support is there, it's just a matter of figuring out how to get it to function as expected in the display, which I suppose is more a documentation request.

Out of curiousity (and not to take this thread too off-subject) but how what field formatter are you using to display every date in the rule?

That's built in to the date / date repeat module - the field formatter has a little settings form where you set "Multiple values". Screenshot attached (in #43).

I've changed this to a support request because it really does appear that repeating dates are manageable out of the box with FullCalendar (our site has been using them for about 18 months). There might well be configuration headaches of course (I don't remember everything I did to set this up).

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Sorry here's the screenshot I should have attached above.

@Ignigena ... and I used some nasty CSS to collapse the list of dates so it would scroll. Not touch-screen friendly. My ideal is if I just displayed the next couple of dates and the repeat rule, but that's a difficult problem. This is nothing to do with FullCalendar of course.

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Updating the issue summary in an attempt to provide clarity.