Linkit Picker with Linkit

Linkit Picker is an extention to Linkit.
Linkit Picker adds the possibility to "browse" links like Node Picker had.

WARNING: Linkit picker 1.x is currently NOT compatible with Linkit 2.x

Current support for nodes, users and terms

This modules is using views to build tables with link data so its easy to customize if you would like to.

You can add/edit/remove fields, filter and so on from the views linkit_picker provides.
Just remember to NOT delete the linkit picker field and the identifying fields.
Its ok to exclude the identifying fields in the view, but NOT delete.

Identifying fields are:

  • Nodes
    • nid
    • Title
  • Users
    • uid
    • user name
  • Terms
    • tid
    • term name

As this fields are used by the linkit picker field.
"(TITLE) [path:(PATH BASED ON uid, nid, or tid)]"

Project Information