Panels Everywhere is an advanced method to completely do away with Drupal's restrictive blocks system and instead use the much more freeing Panels Layout system to control how your pages look. Panels Everywhere modifies the page as it is being rendered to 'wrap' the content in a display and can even take over your page theme to do away with the need for a page.tpl.php.

Doing this requires that you set up a few things properly, because Drupal is not really designed for this kind of behavior. Be sure to read the README before trying to use this module.

This module requires both the Panels module, and the Page Manager module from the Chaos Tools Suite.

Themes with Panels Everywhere support

The following is a non-exhaustive list of themes that are known to have support for Panels Everywhere:

  • Tinsel - Garland converted to use for Panels Everywhere
  • Panany - Very nice simple theme by jwolf, has extra Panels Styles also.
  • AT Panels Everywhere - Jeff Burnz version of Adaptive Theme with Panels Everywhere support.
  • Precision - Grid based theme.
  • NodeStream base theme - Default theme for the Nodestream profile.
  • Lucid - A responsive HTML5 theme as dynamic as any Drupal base theme.
  • Versatile - Base theme containing 6 layouts and 3 styles.
  • Pannelli - A 960gs base theme that uses less instead of css.
  • Omega - Omega is a base theme framework, and supports Panels Everywhere as of version 4.

Got one you want to add? Add it to #685296: Themes that support Panels Everywhere. (Be sure to make it 'active' if it's currently set fixed or closed).


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