Lazy Load Field

Lazy Load Field allows any field to be loaded with AJAX rather than included in the initial page download. This is useful for fields that would otherwise add significantly to the page download so that the initial page load is quicker (particularly on mobile devices). Additionally, a media query can be specified (per field) so that the field is only loaded under certain conditions.

Shortcode slider

This will extend shortcode and provide tag for sliders:

FatSecret REST API Integration module

FatSecret: The Drupal 6 & 7 FatSecret REST API Integration module

This module allows you to integrate FatSecret API and to call all related API function of FatSecret.

This version of the module only works with Drupal 6.x & 7.x.

Block Visibility by Vocabulary

Block Visibility by Vocabulary extends the block visibility interface in Drupal 7 and allows the user to control block visibility based on the taxonomy vocabulary the current term page has. For each block, vocabularies can be selected. If the displayed term is ien one the the selected vocabularies, the block will be visible; if not, it will be hidden.

This module is inspired by block_term.


This module creates a teaser in a block with content created some time ago. The time is defined on the modules configuration page.

TOC Node

Provides a Table Of Contents for a node page, which includes all the content of the node.

The TOC will display automatically above content, and is also available as a block, so can be placed anywhere on a page.

This module uses PHP DOMDocument to manipulate content, so may be faster and more accurate than other modules that use a regex approach.



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