DruKeePass is an Password Share module, inspired by KeePassX and TeamPass.

This module provide the ability to store in a save way your password to easily share it with your team.

This module don't have any relation with the normal drupal password hashing system.


Idea : This module will address the performance needs of the Drupal site by analyzing various performance aspects of the site and provide the detailed performance report.

Tool will have following features

Audit Report

Audit site Drupal insights

Drupal Quality Analysis

The module aim to give you a clear, centralize way to audit your Drupal site.
The analyze give you a good overview of the state of art of your site.
If you want to improve the overall quality of your project this module is for you.

Exhaustive checks

The module has 28 checks distributed on theses 6 criterial :


Integrates BeEF into Drupal.


Implementation of the iniscan project in Drupal.
The module integrates the iniscan methods to display security concerns with the configuration of the php.ini file in use in the Drupal site.


Kaje Picture Password

Kaje Picture Password

Integration with the Kaje Picture Password™ authentication service, using their API.

The Kaje Picture Password™ service is as a proof-of-knowledge replacement for typed passwords. Picture passwords are superior in every way to typed passwords. With only three actions (i.e. swipes or clicks) you get the strength of eight typed alphanumeric-symbol characters.



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