Adding JavaScript to a Drupal 8 Theme

The drupal_add_js function and almost all of the excess javascript loads were removed in Drupal 8. This means that if you have custom javascript, you have to add it to the theme yourself. You can do this from the file or from the .theme file.

Adding custom javascript files directly from your file

In Drupal 7

Your file

scripts[] = js/scripts.js

In Drupal 8

Your file

Managing configuration - do's and don'ts

It's strongly recommended that you do a database-dump before each synchronization of the staging and the active directory.
For example if a node.type.[name_of_type].yml file is missing in the staging directory, the synchronization will delete all contents of this bundle on your site.
The database-dump "could save your live" on a potential needed rollback-strategy.

Drupal 8 Logo and Marketing Resources

The word "Drupal" and the wordmark logo are registered trademarks of Dries Buytaert. Please read and understand the usage guidelines before downloading any logo assets.

The Drupal 8 logo


Drupal 8 wordmark stacked


Drupal 8 wordmark inline


Drupal 8 wordmark isolated

The Drupal 8 logo is a key building block of the visual identity for Drupal 8, and the primary visual element that identifies Drupal 8.

Usage guidelines

The Drupal 8 logo should never be embellished, outlined, or altered in any way. Always use an approved electronic version (see below).

Drupal 8 logo files

The logo files include stacked, inline, and isolated versions of the Drupal 8 logo in .jpg, .png, .ai, .eps, and .svg formats. The files provides users with the graphical assets necessary to use the official Drupal 8 logo in any web or print setting.

Download the Drupal 8 logo stacked version (2MB)

D8DX: Improving the D8 developer experience

The Goal

One of the things that makes Drupal great is the power it puts into the hands of non-developers to do awesome and amazing things on the web. A large portion of our community made a transition from non-developer to developer thanks to the accessibility/hackability of Drupal from an API perspective in Drupal 7 and below. In Drupal 8, however, things have become more... complicated. While flexibility is greatly increased, so too is the mental overhead as well as verbosity for doing even simple tasks.

This initiative is about making some key changes to the "DX" (developer experience) of Drupal in order to make it more accessible to people who need to extend Drupal to make it do cool things, but don't necessarily have a background in programming.

Reporting DX Issues

I tried porting my module to Drupal 8, and I'm concerned about D8's developer experience. How can I help fix it?

Please tell the core developers about it; we'd love for you to love Drupal 8 as much as we do!

  1. Search the 8.x issue queue for existing issues with the DX (Developer Experience) tag.

Managing configuration in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 has a whole new configuration system that uses human-readable text files in the YAML (.yml) format to store configuration items. All of your site configuration from enabled modules through fields, contact categories to views are stored with this system. The system is designed to make it much easier than prior Drupal versions to export all your site configuration, make changes and import changes back in.

The Configuration Manager module in Drupal 8 provides a user interface for importing and exporting configuration changes between a Drupal installation in different environments, such as Development, Staging and Production, so you can make and verify your changes with a comfortable distance from your live environment.

This allows you to deploy a configuration from one environment to another, provided they are the same site. The site is identified using a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) located in the file. The site UUID must match the target site to allow any importing of configuration files on that site.

This capability replaces the need for various contributed modules such as Features and Strongarm.


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