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Last updated: December 15, 2011 - 15:45

Release notes

ATTENTION for Drush support

Version 6.x-1.2 and 7.x-1.x-beta5 (or later) will no longer work with Drush 4.4 or lower. In order to support the upcoming Drush 5 (and continue to support Drush 4.5) we needed to break back support for older versions of Drush.

To upgrade your version of Drush to 4.5 or later, see the install instructions for upgrading using Pear.

Changes since 6.x-1.1:

  • #1313744 by TravisCarden: Fixed Sort 'Edit components' SELECT alphabetically.
  • #904558 by jgraham: Fixed multiple features and strongarm conflicts.
  • #1152908 by greg.1.anderson, msonnabaum, smk-ka, rbayliss: Removed calls to drush_backend_invoke().
  • #1159390 by brad.bulger, hefox: Fixing the implementation of hook_features_rebuild in
  • #1159390 by brad.bulger, hefox: incorrect revert hook name in features.api.php
  • #813760 by galooph, tim.plunkett, raphaelhuefner, Volx: Fix for CTools Page manager pages do not revert properly.
  • #654334 by hefox, erikwebb: Fix for Node types lost during exported if module key not features, node
  • #913890 by Grayside, joshuajabbour, tim.plunkett | webchick: Generate .info file properties in order consistent with core.
  • #935152 by Dean Reilly: Menu Items missing from Menu Links due to access callback user_is_anonymous
  • #1260040 by tim.plunkett: Fixed features.css coding standards.
  • #961678 by hefox: Check if node type module key is valid before adding it
  • #1009900 by DamienMcKenna: Check if a variable is empty before comparing it to a known value
  • #994602 by franz: Misleading example on hook_features_export_alter() documentation
  • #935152 by hadsie: make sure menu items that are anon only can be exported via the user interface.
  • #946068 by rvilar: Add machine name trigger to change along with keyup so copy and paste calculates machine name
  • #1210604 by catch: Fix for drush features-revert-all does not respect --force argument
  • #910604 by hefox and jhedstrom: Fix for parent_path set to path not in hook_menu_default_menu_links causes menu link to not revert
  • #908618 by hefox: content_clear_type_cache called for every single field rebuilt
  • #954062 by irakli: Add both module name and component name to component display on build form
  • #902842 by hefox: views_handler_dependencies buggy when modules define items for tables that aren't theirs
  • #1184502 by arrrgh: Fixed undefined index: api in _ctools_features_get_info().
  • #931782 by hefox: Fixed _features_sanitize(): Type casting in array comparison causes is_assoc to fail with 1 item assoc arrays.
  • #985520 by joshuajabbour, DamienMcKenna: Fixed undefined index: widget_active in content_features_rebuild().
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